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Shakti Yoga Miami

December 04, 2012


I see the light in you.

 Last night I attended yoga class at Shakti Yoga Miami, 210A 23rd St. Miami Beach, FL.

Studio owner yogi Silvina Camara taught the Monday 6:15pm class.  The room was full, and I was the only man in attendance.  Yogi Silvi started the class with incantations in Sanskrit.  The temperature quickly rose as we warmed up with sun salutations A & B.  There was a brisk pace through the movements and I started to sweat.  The class included basic postures as well as a challenging one-legged balancing sequence.  The power yoga class incorporated crunches and a long boat pose series that really focused on the Manipura power chakra.  The yoga Sequence finished with three repetitions of back bends.  Shavasana came naturally, the body surrendering from a well-led power yoga class.  Shavasana was not too short or too long, it was just right.  The most unique part of Silvi’s yoga classes is that she sings near the end of the Shavasana.  She sings very soft and sweet, and it is a real treat to the ears.

There is a true nurturing presence at Shakti Yoga Miami.  The owners, yogis Elgar Richards and Silvina Camara, are life companions and the space radiates with love.  Shakti Yoga is one of the larger yoga spaces in the Miami area with lots of windows and beautiful lighting.  This was not my first visit to Shakti Yoga Miami and it will not be my last.  On the corner of Collins Avenue and 23rd Street Shakti Yoga is easy to find.  Just go to the corner, look up and you will see the sign that reads “YOGA”.  The beach is less than a block away and all that South Beach has to offer is within walking distance.

Thank you yogi Silvi for a wonderful yoga class.

I see the light in you

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