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Skinny Hipster-Dude Yoga con El Profesor Donato

September 05, 2014

abram yogiizaGentlemen in the house! Ever wanted to try yoga, but think it's too feminine? Looks too much like ballet? Not this type of yoga. Budokon merges the art of yoga with martial arts combining asana and self defense. Budokon is a dude-heavy type of yoga. Picture yourself at the Standard Hotel on the Venetian causeway with lots of gorgeous, skinny hipster-looking dudes rocking Warby Parker glasses and Toms. This is the most masculine form of yoga you can find out there. YOGiiZA's best selling Mens'/Unisex pants is their martial art pant. It's as if the pants were custom tailored to the Budokon practice. Now ladies, this is your chance to finally go to a yoga class with more guys than gals. Isn't that a nice change? You can finally pick up a guy in a yoga class instead of a coffee-drinking, purse-toting yoga girl. Hey yoga girl......And not just any guy. A martial artist. So you already know he can protect you in these dangerous times. Professor Donato, professor of Budokon yoga popped into Karma Yoga at YOGiiZA and graciously offered his practice to us teaching us to grab spears, launch and maintain balance and awareness simultaneously. His YOGiiZA karate pants make you think of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid. Budokon really makes sense of all those warrior positions we do in yoga. How many are there anyways? ; ) I was in a class the other day where the teacher asked us to do Warrior IIII. Is that even a pose? Donato is a teacher of teachers. To take Donato's class or to register for a teacher training check out: To be in touch with Donato e-mail: For 10% off those awesome karate pants, type in promo code: yogiarielle at checkout. <3 yogiArielle  

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