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SlacroDuo Megan & Rob @ Karma Yoga

March 17, 2014

salcroduo YOGiiZA had the pleasure of hosting Megan and Rob of the SlacroDuo for a partner acrobatics workshop at Karma Yoga. We separated into groups of 3: a base, a flyer, and most importantly a spotter. The base lies down on the floor with their legs fully extended while the flyer positions the base's feet below their hips. The base then pushes the flyer up into a chaturanga-like (push-up) position and the spotter stands on one side to ensure safety. Megan and Rob were there the whole time to help groups get into the correct positions and even offered to fly students. AcroYoga is a really fun way to let loose, while getting in a good yoga practice and working with your classmates. Megan and Rob were fully outfitted in YOGiiZA organic clothing, as were many of the students. For 10% off YOGiiZA organic clothing, use promo code yogiarielle at checkout @ Namaste, Arielle

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