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Sonic Yoga NYC

June 04, 2014

I recently took advantage of a membership promotion for first time members from Sonic Yoga on the West side.  30 days for $30 is a great deal anywhere in the country, but it is an absolute steal in NYC! I climbed up the steps to the charming old walk-up that Sonic Yoga is located in decked out in my Yogiiza organic cotton practice clothes.   I immediately noticed the great energy of the studio!  I felt like the world slowed down as I checked in with the friendly front desk attendant.  The practice room was warm, and fairly crowded.  To my surprise about a quarter of the students were men, which was a nice change from previous studios that I have been to in New York City that at the most would have 2-3 men in a class full of women. The flow 1 class was the first that I attended, it was taught by studio manager Lisa Benner.  Lisa began the class with an intention and a short reading about the changes of spring.  Lisa was very descriptive while making sure that the students maintained a nice breathing flow.  The postures were accessible with smooth transitions that still made me break a sweat.   The class ended in a traditional Savasana pose. There are so many Yoga Studios in New York City and I have tried several of them.  What really sets Sonic Yoga apart is that it feels like a close community.  The teachers have gotten to know many of the students and their special needs.  The students in the class seemed very warm and as if many of them knew each other as well.  In a city where your next-door neighbor can be a stranger it was refreshing to find a sanctuary that made me feel welcome, and as if I was a part of something.   Gluten Free Guru See more from Gluten Free Guru @:

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