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Sunset Beach Yoga with Jessica Om

June 04, 2013

Beach Yoga with Jessica Om

  sunset beach yoga Sunset Beach Yoga with yogi Jessica Om is a must attend yoga experience.  Every Sunday Jessica Om and her partner Aaron Erickson, aka Ananda Das, host a donation based sunset yoga class on the beach in Delray Beach, FL.  This past weekend representatives from the YOGiiZA family had the pleasure to be part of this event. Our mascot, Dogiiza, was welcomed to practice with us, and she just loves yoga on the beach. A visit to Florida is not complete without at least one yoga class on the beach.  Sunset is the best time of day to practice outdoors because the Florida sun can be intense at any other time of day.  Something about sunset on the beach feels romantic.  Usually yoga on the beach can be just that, romantic, but not practical.  The sand is an uneven surface, making standing postures potentially dangerous.  Sweat and sand don’t always mix well.  You kind of get tarred and feather, but Jessica and Aaron have come up with a simple and clever solution to solve this dilemma.  Before entering the beach Aaron generously provides the first 40 or so practitioners with a piece of plywood that is cut to the exact size of a yoga mat.  The half inch piece of plywood works like a charm.  It provides a stable flat platform for all standing postures, and it keeps the sand off the body and yoga mat.  Thank you Aaron and Jessica for this ingenious idea. So the stage is set just right: sunset on the beautiful Delray beach, a crowd of like-minded people, an individual sand-free yoga platform, our fuzzy dogi companion, and one of the most beautiful looking yoga couples you will ever meet, but how was the instruction?  Jessica Om is not only pretty to look at; she is one of the best class leaders I have ever practiced with.  What a great yoga class!  The class was accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners while also offering advanced asana variations.  Jessica has a masterful understanding of the yoga techniques for awakening the Shakti within.  The asana sequence is unique and skillfully instructed.  There is not one hint of an inflated ego in Jessica’s persona.  Pure intention and humility shines through this devotee.  I have been practicing yoga since 1995 and have studied with many instructors.  Jessica Om has, without a doubt, made it to my list of top 5 favorite yoga teachers. Aaron Erickson is the perfect compliment to Jessica.  He is model handsome with clear radiant and calm eyes.  He humbly serves Jessica and her students like a strong foundational support.  He does not draw attention to himself other than his stunning good looks.  Aaron "Ananda Das" is a certified experienced yoga teacher, Vedic thai-yoga bodywork teacher & practitioner of the Vedic Conservatory, and a Licensed Advanced Massage Therapist for 12 years, specialized in neuromuscular, sports massage, & deep tissue work. His work focuses on postural balancing, and can incorporate functional training along with bodywork to assist in the body returning to and staying in its natural alignment and health. Aaron considers himself a "Vedic Shaman". After the class we had the opportunity to speak with Aaron and Jessica at length.  They are an active couple that like to practice sports other than yoga.  Aaron is a life long surfer, something that we have in common.  He also likes to kite board and sky dive.  Jessica kite boards with him and although Florida is not known for its great waves there is plenty of wind for kite boarding.  Aaron and Jessica are a warm and inviting couple who devote their lives towards creating community and teaching the wonderful gift of yoga to the World.  Together they have created JAI Healing Arts.  J-essica A-aron I-nspired! CREATING & SUPPORTING CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY, MANIFESTING HEAVEN ON EARTH, & CELEBRATING LIFE! Jai! 'Through healing ourselves we heal the world!' We plan on joining JAI Healing Arts for more of their inspiring yoga classes, events, and workshops.  I highly recommend you do the same.  For more information on Jessica Om, Aaron Erickson, and JAI Healing Arts goto:
  I see the light in You, Namaste..

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