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November 23, 2011

[caption id="attachment_369" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Thank you"][/caption] Thank you Mother Earth.  Thanksgiving is a great holiday.  Many people get together and reflect on all the blessings in their lives.  Study show that making a habit of being mindful of all the people, moments, and blessings in life are in fact more healthy and happy.  I can testify to this.  More than a decade ago i started keeping "Thank You" journals.  At the end of the day i would recount the day in chronological order and write down the words "Thank You" before all the people, places, moments, and things i experienced in the day.  It Would go something like this:  Thank you for a warm bed,  Thank you for hot shower, Thank you for tooth brush and paste, thank you for clean clothes, Thank you for my car and gas, etc. etc.  This is a habit that stuck with me for years and it had a wonderful affect on my life outlook and happiness.  I kept up the journals until one day my puppy tore one of the journals into a thousand tiny pieces.  I wrote in the journal that night: "Thank you for Little Doggie shredding my journal".  That is how it went.  I would always try to give thanks for everything, not just the obviously positive.  I would make a special point to give thanks for the people and events that on the surface seemed upsetting or bad.  This practice had a profound affect on how i related to people.  I started to take more responsibility for my life and circumstance, understanding that everything in my life was due to my own actions and responses.  These days i do not actively write in the journals instead i reflect every night, before sleep, on the people i encountered in the day.  I try to remember everyone even the check out person at the store.  This is very satisfying, but it is starting to get difficult with all the people i am coming into contact on Facebook, business, and teaching Yoga.  I try. Keeping a Thank You journal trains a person to live in a state of continual gratitude.  It cultivates contentment and frees one from the trappings of Want and Greed.  It helps a person to stay present and aware.  These day I am way to busy giving thanks for all the abundance and blessings of the Earth to want for anything.  So i would like to take this opportunity to give some Thanks Thank you for reading this blog Thank you to all our supporters on Facebook Thank you for my wife, Dawn Marie Esposito Thank you for my inlaws and family who i will be seeing tomorrow Thank you to all the wonderful consultants who help us Make YOGiiZA a reality Thank you for our intern Ian Thank you for the SobE Yogi Family.  you know who you are Thank you for all the wonderful teachers who have helped me mature Thank you for Bob Marley playing on the stereo right now. Happy Thanksgiving to you all Namaste.....

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