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The damage has been done

January 22, 2014


Once again, I received another interesting reading assignment this week in my global responsibilities class. It discussed the Nike sweatshop debate. As most of you know by now, Nike was accused of using foreign sweatshop factories to manufacture the products they design. In these sweatshops, the workers are underage, underpaid, and work in unfair and harmful working conditions. For years Nike was been repeatedly and repeatedly accused of working with these sweatshops. While they have continually tried to improve the conditions of the factories they work with, and fight against the harsh discriminations made about them, the article goes on to show that the criticism against them is really never ending even after years and years of trying to gain the publics trust and respect back. Yes Nike has come to release all reports of the independent audits from subcontractor’s plants with the hope it would finally stop all of the negative talk. Yet the company is still being criticized to this day. In my eyes it seems as though the damage cannot be undone and people will continue to view Nike for the wrong they have done in the past even though they have tried to make up for their mistakes. More and more companies are learning from the past mistakes that huge companies like Nike have made. It is not only about keeping production domestic, but more about doing business respectively. Treating workers correctly, practicing safe and lawful methods, and having good intent in the way you create the products you are selling. Use the promo code belowtheseam to receive 10% off your next YOGiiZA purchase. xo, Hannah

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