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The Yoga Joint

June 17, 2014

Where do you go for a steaming hot, upbeat, and energy filled practice? No other place then the Yoga Joint, hands down one of my favorite places! I am always pumped when I enter through the front doors, knowing that I am about to sweat and push my practice to the next level. My most recent visit was Kelly Green’s intermediate/advanced hot fusion flow with minimal instruction, which is geared to more advance practitioners.  All dolled up in my YOGiiZA yoga clothing in order to ensure that I provide my body with the best apparel to sweat and move in, I sit quietly on my mat and notice the room quickly fills up. Kelly begins class with bringing our awareness in and setting our intention for our practice.  The class progresses to multiple levels as Kelly motivates and pushes her students to step outside the box and take that extra step to further their practice. This is a 75 minute highly energized class and when it’s all done you fully surrender into one of the best Savasanas. The reason this remains a go to studio of mine is due to teachers like Kelly Green, Paige Held and Kym Klein, just some of my favorites. The teachers are very knowledgeable and deliver their students just what they need. ~Namaste~ Visit:  

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