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Tuesday Morning in Tampa at Bella Prana

July 30, 2013

Roni Elissabeth SlomanRise & Shine Tampa Bay! It is a beautiful morning, waking up right on Tampa Bay. I started the morning off at Bella Prana in Tampa with Roni Elissabeth Sloman who is the owner of the studio. Bella Prana is a nice, clean studio with an array of different classes. I stumbled upon the Level 2 Flow Class and was up for the challenge. This Vinyasa Flow was paired with upbeat hip hop music, with softer music while in poses such as Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or pigeon pose. The sequence and music was carefully designed. Some of the poses were new to me and fun to explore. We even tried Bakasana or Crow Pose on our forearms. Wow, that was not easy! Roni knows how to take her students out of their comfort zone and inspire them along the way.  Roni has a beautiful presence and you can really feel her passion to teach and share with the community. The intention in today’s class was abundance. Roni helps her students see and feel abundance in all parts of their lives. She sheds light on the world with a beautiful perspective of having all the abundance of love, wealth and happiness all around us. This theme is intertwined throughout the class, ending with a blissful meditation and beautiful letter that Roni read to us about dissolving fear in our lives, replacing it with abundance. I discovered Bella Prana through a quick google search and learned that my friend Terri Cooper here in Miami is also leading her Yoga Gangster Outreach training at Bella Prana in August. If you are in Tampa I strongly encourage Terri Cooper’s training. Terri is one of the most inspirational yogis with a huge mission of bringing Yoga to at-risk youth in around the country. This not to miss training is happening here at Bella Prana August 10/11. For more information visit Thank you Roni for a beautiful  inspiring class!

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