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Vinyassa Yoga @ Equinox w/ Lisa Langer

May 20, 2014

mainWhenever I visit New York City, I always try to sneak in a class with Lisa Langer. Lisa was one of my first yoga teachers ever and I noticed recently that many elements of my practice come from Lisa's teachings. Lisa is a fantastic teacher and it's no wonder she has 50+ students in each or her Equinox classes. I have been taking Lisa's classes for 6 years and still enjoy each one. Lisa teaches a dynamic, flowing vinyassa-style yoga class in which she incorporates her creative sequencing. We hold many planks and side planks and I'm always sure to break a sweat. Lisa recently came out with a 1-hour yoga video, which is wonderful. When I don't get a chance to go to class, or I miss her dearly, I always practice with her video. To purchase her video for just $30, follow this link: To take a class @ Equinox: For 10% off YOGiiZA Organic Clothing: and enter promo code yogiarielle at checkout!

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