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Warm Yoga with Melissa Vogt / Evolation Yoga

July 25, 2013

melissa-vogt2 Monday July 22nd ----  Just Arrived to Tampa… The West Coast of Florida feels a lot different from the East Coast. I am looking forward to the sunset tonight over the Gulf. I took my first Yoga class here in Tampa with Melissa Vogt at Evolation Yoga. I was greeted by Robin at the front desk with a warm friendly smile. The stylish studio features mosaic tiles placed in a variety of formations. The studio room was large, accommodating 40+ students very comfortably. Classes include Hot 90, Warm 60, Flow 75 & Chill 30 and are consistent at all of their 9 different studio locations across the globe and as far away as Australia.  I chose the Warm 60 Class which had many similarities to a traditional Bikrum class, although I've only had one experience with Bikrum Yoga. The sequence incorporates a series of standing poses followed by seated poses then savasasna. Vinyasa, the up dog / down dog flow portion of a standard yoga sequence is purposely excluded from this class and is not necessary due to the heated room of 90 degrees for a Warm Class and 105 degrees for a Hot Class.   Melissa leads the class with poise and confidence. She is the perfect specimen of a yoga model… I can imagine her having a series of yoga DVDs, so I was not surprised to learn that she is a professional model. During the 60 minute class, Melissa allowed for plenty of pauses to feel the effects of the practice. The best part of the class was Savasana! Melissa offers the option to stay for a self-guided meditation, which I took full advantage of. To my surprise when I opened my eyes all 30+ students were gone. Wow, I had fallen into a deep mediation & didn't even realize I was now alone. Thank you, Melissa for guiding a beautiful, blissful Warm Yoga Class. Link for: Evolation Yoga in Tampa   

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