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What's your favorite kind of yoga?

March 12, 2014

I have dabbled in many different types of yoga, anywhere from Forrest to Iyengar to Jivamukti and have enjoyed aspects of each practice. For me, the perfect class combines a dynamic flow followed by a juicy relaxation. Love the Yin and the yang. The creative sequencing of Jivamukti appeals to me and I am always surprised by the next asana in each Jivamukti class. In Forrest Yoga, I love the challenge of holding postures longer than usual, and the specific guidance to always protect your neck. My favorite Forrest Yoga teacher in New York City is Erica Mather of Pure Yoga. For Jivamukti, I enjoy both Matt Lombardo and Eddie Teboul's powerful sequences. And did I mention Adam Vitolo an Iyengar teacher at Pure? He is a fabulous teacher. I miss my Sunday night New York routine with Jessica Caplan which combined a slow flow followed by an hour long restorative class where asanas are held for 15 minutes each! For 10% off YOGiiZA organic clothing, enter promo code yogiarielle at checkout:

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