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Who's up for some self-imposed celibacy?

September 05, 2014

LOGO_WHITE_2I was in NYC for Labor Day weekend and decided to check out the Jivamukti studio there.  Jivamukti boasts a beautiful space, with spacious rooms and floor to ceiling windows in the heart of Union Square. You can even purchase YOGiiZA at the Jivamukti studio itself! Jivamukti has a very unique philosophy that embodies veganism and a straight path to enlightenment. The studio even has a delectable vegan cafe! They share the same values as YOGiiZA so it's a natural fit for yogis like us. The founders of Jivamukti yoga also heavily support the organic movement. Let's unite with Jivamukti and support the organic movement towards a better, more sustainable world together! Now let's forget about the aesthetics of the studio for a moment and talk about Matt's sequencing throughout the class. In classic Jivamukti fashion, Matt seamlessly incorporates unique asanas into each sequence, which is what I love so much about his class. It is a fun, challenging flow that oxygenates each cell in your body! Matt infuses his humor by relaying stories about Kim Kardashian and Brahmacharya, self-imposed celibacy! Now we're talking. Who's up for celibacy? For Matt's schedule check out: Matt is also leading a Teacher Training at Sarva Yoga in Brooklyn: Much love and namaste, yogiArielle For 10% off YOGiiZA organic cotton, type in promo code yogiarielle at checkout.

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