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Why choose organic fibers?

January 29, 2014


Many times you will hear how sustainable and eco-friendly clothing companies like YOGiiZA work with organic fibers. Sure this sounds immediately enticing to the customer. We all enjoy the sound of organic. What most of us don't know, is how utilizing organic fibers actually benefits the earth in return. Wearing clothing made of organic fibers is obviously beneficial to us, but it also promotes the health of ecosystems. Most farming is done without taking into account the regional conditions surrounding that specific area it is in. When farming organic fibers, the farming systems are locally adapted. The farming techniques are opposed to using synthetic materials and non-renewable recourses so the practices can actually end up promoting biological diversity, keeping the soil fertile and healthy, and recycling plant and animal waste. Good for the earth, good for us. It really is a no brainer. Choose organic. Use the promo code belowtheseam off your next YOGiiZA purchase to receive 10% off. xo, Hannah

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