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May 18, 2012

I would like to thank everyone who has attended Karma Yoga and all of you who have shown support for YOGiiZA while we are in our infancy.  It is because of you that we have the strength to carry on.  So far we are having a great time with our mission to bring yoga clothes to the community that truly represent the aware values of yogis. There is a reason why most companies produce polyester or conventional cotton garments when they could be giving yogis clothing that is non-toxic for both your body and Mother Earth.  The reason being that plastic clothes are cheap and easy to source.  When I turned down a $6 million dollar offer to design and manufacture recycled plastic yoga clothes I was not fully aware of the challenges that came with making Organic clothing.  I stuck to my values and now I appreciate why my friends wanted to stay away from Organic Cotton.

Great responsibility, effort and expense come with managing a company that is both socially and ecologically conscious.  You cannot trust others to do the right thing even if they have certifications.  You have to do things for yourself.  We know that our cotton is honestly farmed Organically and free of slave labor because we have partnered with cooperative farmers in Nicaragua where we are present for planting and harvesting.  I do not have to trust someone’s word that our clothing is not manufactured in a Chinese or Indian sweatshop.  I frequently visit our manufacturing partner in neighboring Nicaragua where the workers have a labor union, a brand new air- conditioned work place, a food and medical plan.  When you wear the YOGiiZA logo on your sleeve you are not only saying to the World that you practice yoga poses, but that you support Organic farmers, social responsibility, and you are an aware YOGI.  We expect to have YogiFresh Organic Cotton yoga clothes for you to rock in classes across the globe this Summer.

Thank you again for your support,

Mark Thomas Oliver


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