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July 01, 2012

          Namaste, I see myself in you.  We are one Organic Yoga Community.  When you awaken there is a call to action.  People look up to their yoga teachers as leaders in health, fitness, and spirituality.  They listen to what we have to say.  They look at what labels we are wearing.  They want to know what foods are good for them.  This is a responsibility that most of us welcome, but are not always conscious of.  As yogis it is our calling to shed light on the world by helping people to become more aware and present.  Awareness starts with the breath and the field of the body through which we witness the transformation of Energy that we understand is One.  By diligent practice and observation this awareness begins to extend to the greater field of Energy that resonates through all.

          You are the most powerful force in the Universe.  The Universe is an expression of the Self.  If you want the world to be cleaner and free of toxins then free the body of toxins.  If you will the self to change then the World will follow.  More than ever the World needs leaders.  The Earth needs you to step up and lead the way to a bright shining future.  Remember your divinity and remember to read labels before buying products.  Our individual purchases add up to Millions.  There are almost 30 million Americans practicing yoga today and many millions more across the globe.  Together we can manifest a Green Sustainable future one purchase at a time, one breath at a time.  Together we are powerful.  Choose Natural, Choose Organic, Choose YOGiiZA.

Namaste, I see the light in you…..


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