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Yoga in the Big Apple - Kula Yoga Project

July 02, 2013

alison sinatra_Kula Yoga

Honey Yoga Flow with Alison Sinatra

Kula Yoga Project

Wow. Kula Yoga project is a special place tucked away down in Tribeca. The studio could be hard to find if you aren't familiar with the area. The unmarked door off a side street in Tribeca leads you up one flight of stairs to a couple studio rooms. Unsure where to go next I dropped my stuff in one of the studios and headed up another flight of stairs to the Kula Yoga lounge and retail space. I was greeted by two friendly faces, including Alexia, the studio manager. She helped me get acquainted with the studio space, which seemed to include 4 studio rooms, lounge and retail space.  The space has a real NYC feel with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, original wood floors and large windows. It was the perfect place for New Yorkers to escape the hustle & bustle of city living.

I had planned to take a class at Kula but not the one I ended up at. Somehow between going the wrong way for the subway and a couple of other wrong stops, I missed another class that afternoon, but stumbled upon Alison's Honey Yoga Flow. I had no expectations and didn’t even know what Honey Yoga Flow meant.  I discovered that Honey Flow is Kula’s style of Yin yoga and just what I needed after an exhausting few days and 4 days off from yoga. Alison describes Yin as active relaxation. The first part of the class included pranayama, vinyasa, surya namaskra A, utkatasana, eagle pose, twists and other poses with great attention to detail. Alison has a calm soothing voice and offers yummy adjustments with a gentle touch. The last 30 minutes was dedicated to Yin restoration. We surrendered into approximately 4 different poses using props and WOW! For the first time all week and in the midst of all the NYC noise, I felt incredibly relaxed. Thank you, Alison, for guiding us through a calm, peaceful yoga experience. Thank you, Cameron Shayne, for introducing us to Kula Yoga.  Thank you Alexia and Schuyler for opening up the Kula doors for a fellow Miami Yogi.

Kula Yoga is located in Tribeca on 28 Warren Street. The retail space sells mostly organic clothing and will hopefully include YOGiiZA to their organic collection in the Fall.

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