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Yoga really does wonders!

October 21, 2014

Javier1I visited NYC last weekend, my hometown and checked out some studios while I was there. One place I visited was YogaWorks, a studio located in the heart of the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I took class with a former teacher of mine at Pure Yoga, Sarah Perron and I decided to check her class out at another location!   It's a good thing they pay these Iyengar teachers well, because boy are they good! Sarah's class ran seamlessly and I learned so many new asanas from her. I've been taking various yoga classes for the last 6 years, and I hadn't seen half the things she was teaching! So that's a big plus. The studio itself is airy and spacious and boasts floor to ceiling windows. It is more of a corporate than an om shanti type of studio, just depends on what you are looking for.   To see Sarah's schedule follow this link: For 10% off YOGiiZA Organic Cotton, type in promo code yogiarielle at checkout.   Shalom and Namaste,   Arielle

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