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June 13, 2012

South Florida's hottest and most inspiring yoga teachers are conjuring up their most sacred yoga knowledge.  Their intention is to share their most prized technique and theory.   Terri Cooper with 305 Yoga is the master mind behind this incredible community workshop series.

The last workshop was hosted by Christy Nones on June 9th. Christy is a highly respected Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. She infuses her upbeat and flowing classes with poetry, precision and playfulness, encouraging students to explore the depths of their own potential.

The next Yogatta Know This workshop will be lead by Fred Busch, owner of Brickell Hot Yoga on Saturday July 21st at 3pm. Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight, because this is often the most powerful presentation of information you will ever witness. Fred presents his understanding of the subject of Food as it relates to the Yoga Path and Yoga Teaching. Welcoming all questions and all challenges, this workshop includes scientific discussions of the role of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Enzymes, Probiotics, Immune System, Energy levels, Detox. Fred will discuss how easy it is to be an unhealthy vegetarian and will explain the principles to eating with more intelligence and more respect for biological design.

Location: 305 Yoga Coppertone Building 7300 Biscayne Blvd, #400 Phone: 305-917-5886


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