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Yogi Eddy Rivero

August 01, 2013

eddy and JuliaYogi Eddy Rivero

  Ashtanga Yoga is awesome!  It is made even better by Ashtanga Yoga teacher Eddy Rivero.  Eddy is a dedicated yoga practitioner, making pilgrimages to Mysore India and around the United States to follow Ashatnga Yoga master Sri R. Sharath Jois.  Eddy teaches and studies Ashtanga at Miami Life Center in South Beach founded by yogis Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann.  Miami Life Center is also home to famous yogi Daylene Christensen.  With Teachers like these it is no wonder why Eddy is such and amazing yoga teacher. I am fortunate to live in South Beach where I can attend classes with Yogi Eddy Rivero.  Eddy is not only an excellent teacher but he is a very warm and friendly person.  He has a peaceful aura that invites you to really let go and surrender to the practice.  This is a valuable trait in a yoga teacher.  One of the traditions in Ashtanga yoga is to chant at the beginning and end of the practice in Sanskrit.  The chants are long and not easy to follow or memorize, but Eddy sings them so beautifully that he makes you really want to participate and learn the Sanskrit.  I can’t wait to get into Miami Life Center again and practice Ashtanga Yoga with Yogi Eddy Rivero.  Thank you Eddy for your guiding light.  Wahe Guru. For more information on Eddy Rivero go to :  or the next time you are in South Beach take a class with Eddy at Miami Life Center:  736 6th St. Miami Beach, FL 33139.  You can call them (305) 534-8988 Namaste..

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