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Yogi Javier Wilensky

July 03, 2014

Javier Wilensky I suffer from extensive pain due to a car accident that occurred back in 2008. Since then I have been in and out of hospitals, physical therapy, and have even been temporarily paralyzed a few times.  With absolutely no relief from the Doctors and Hospitals that I now owe so much money to I turned to Yoga.  Iyengar Yoga suits me perfectly because it focuses on proper alignment, and developing strength.  Iyengar utilizes props so that practitioners of all levels, ages, sizes, and limitations are able to access the poses correctly and comfortably.  Iyengar has helped to relieve or heal many practitioners of this popular style of yoga of their injuries and pain.   The key to a good Iyengar class is a great Iyengar teacher. .  I find that the best teachers are both the ones that are gentle enough to make new students and those with injuries feel safe but that also won’t let people be lazy.  The best teachers push you ever so lightly without going overboard and have a passion for learning how the human body operates.  One of these extraordinary teachers is Javier Wilensky.  Javier is the founder of Om’echaye Wellness and Fitness center in Hallandale Beach, Fl.  His practice is inspiring and his leadership is strong.   Javier guides his classes safely into each posture with detailed descriptions of proper body alignment.  He provides alternative options for those with injuries, and takes each student’s limitations seriously.  Javier teaches over 10 classes per week of multiple levels of Iyengar and back alignment classes.  His classes always leave me feeling revitalized, energized, and more aware of my body.  I have been taking Javier’s classes several times per week for the last Month and have noticed a dramatic difference in my pain level, flexability, body awareness, as well as a slimming of my waistline.  My Iyengar practice with Javier has greatly improved my yoga practice overall, and I would STRONGLY encourage anyone that is either thinking of doing yoga, or that already has a strong yoga practice to experience one of Javier’s Iyengar classes. Javier Wilensky

OM'ECHAYE           Om'echaye 1100 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd Hallandale, FL 33009

p. 954.456.6945

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