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Yogi Joaquin at Gratifly Music and Arts Festival

July 28, 2014

I just got back home, fully blissed from Gratifly Music and Arts Festival at Avalon, SC. This is my second year that I presented classes at this transformational festival. This year Gratifly featured an amazing program of classes, workshops, lectures, art, and music. (  I was fully energized all weekend. With music until early morning and yoga classes, intentional ceremonies, permaculture and sacred sexuality workshops and amazing speakers all day and night, in order to make the most of my experience I was very scientific about how I managed my energy; thank yoga and siestas. As a presenter i got some awesome perks. The most important for me is my ninja fuel. Gratifly had amazing catered food (vegan) and abundant alkaline water. Surely Kombucha, Cacao and Yerba mate was flowing and happening in the hospitality area.  VIP lifestyle, just like home. Yogiiza lifestyle.
For the classes I joined forces with my AY kulis from Asheville, NC and Baltimore Maryland certified teachers Lillian Jacobs and Ealeanor Bramwell. Check them out at We offered three diverse Acroyoga and Thai Massage workshops through out the weekend. They were awesome. Our first time meeting and teaching together and it was great. We made a really good co teaching troupe.  The YogaSlackers and AYMontreal teachers were also in the house holding it down like Pros. I  was yogifresh all weekend rocking my new Organic Yogiiza.  I can say that we had hundreds of happy fliers at Gratifly.
I felt great, no injuries and I took a bunch of transformative classes.  The Gratifly community brought teachers and presenters from around the world and it was complemented by an amazing "Apalachian" community that is so rich and diverse in talented people and amazing teachers. This Gratifly family is a community of literally a super enlightened circus yogis.  A lot to learn from what this familia has to offer.
I love co-creating and teaching my yoga classes at Transformational festivals because I get to take advantage of the energy that is created when so many open, loving, like minded people come together. I have such amazing experience and growth from this. It leaves my heart beaming.  In just a couple of days, intentionally we create a container, a village. It is a weekend long ceremony. We are alchemist teachers using voice, breath, movement, respect, healing touch, toys, art, and technology to expand and transform. We are expanding conciousness. There are many positive side effects from this.
I bring this energy everywhere I go and this will never end.  Join me for some :) side effects.  You can find my teaching schedule of classes, workshop offerings, trainings, ceremonies and festivals on my website,
Bliss up friends,
LOVE, Joaquin.

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