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Yogi Mariano Ardissone "Mano"

February 27, 2012

    [caption id="attachment_461" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Ayama Yoga Center"][/caption] Good afternoon.  I would like to share with you one of the gems of Miami, Mariano Ardissone.  We had the pleasure of have Mano share his teaching with us at YOGiiZA HQ for Karma Yoga last wednesday evening.  Mano is beautiful inside and out.  He is a true Yogi and articulates both yoga intention and body awareness very well to his students.  I try to stay open and prepared to receive from all the different healers that walk in our door and beyond.  This is not always easy as you know but with Mano i was made to feel immediately at easy.  His smile is disarming.  He lead us through a very interesting sequence of yoga postures with attention to breathe.  I was relieved when the sequence was something slightly different from Vinyasa, which is my regular routine.  Mano was very aware of the different skill sets of the varied guests at Karma Yoga.  He challenged those with more experience by introducing unique sequencing and some shoulder openers that are not typical, but at the same time he refrained from showing off so those with little experience did not feel left behind.  This shows that Mariano Ardissone has great experience both as a teacher and as a practitioner.  Thank you Mano for being sensitive to those who look to you to lead them into the dark recesses of the MindBody. After sharing with us a glimpse of his yoga teaching Mano stayed around for pot luck and enjoyed healthy food and conversation with the YOGiiZA family.  We got to know him a little deeper as a person and we found in him a good friend.  I plan on getting to know Mano even better by taking advantage of all his many healing talents at his new Yoga Center in Adventura, Fl. "Ayama Yoga Center"   .  The studio is opening very soon and the list of talented yogis that are teaching there is impressive.  Miami is growing as one of the true centers for yoga in America and i Mariano Ardissone is a leader in this community.  We have another teacher from Ayama Yoga Center coming to YOGiiZA this Wednesday to lead us in Karma yoga and we are very excited to learn from Miriam Lach. If you live in the Miami area or are visiting on vacation a class with Mariano Ardissone is a must.

Ayama Yoga Center

2250 NE 163rd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33160 (next to the Thai House II restaurant) 305.932.7755 Namaste..............  

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