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Yogic Energy Healing with Michelle Alva

October 15, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to have an amazing healing session with Michelle Alva.   The first thing that comes to mind when reflecting on my experience is Michelle's nurturing and intuitive manner, providing a safe and comfortable space to release.

Michelle's approach incorporates traditional massage, intuitive energy healing, scientific physical therapy and the ancient power of yoga. This was the most special and amazing session I have had. Michelle begins with healing yogic breathing into the diaphragm, a place to release stress and tension. She takes away all mysticism of energy healing and explains how we can physically tune into the energy in our bodies. Yogic breathing is combined with props for a surrendering restorative yoga pose, all while laying comfortably on the massage table. Michelle plays the crystal singing bowls allowing the vibrations to stimulate the whole body.  We are now opened and ready to receive her healing hands.  Using her intuition she knows exactly where to start and works to loosen up the muscles, stored up tension and allows the divine energy to flow through the whole body. Her touch is genuine yet deep. I felt like a complete mush and totally relaxed throughout the day. Michelle is a beautiful loving light. She is a gift and if you are Lucky enough to have a session with her I promise it will have lasting effects. Thank you Michelle for giving so much of yourself to others.

  Click here for a short video testimonial and more information on Michelle Alva  

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